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Carrie Fisher Autopsy Reveals More Than Drugs

Carrie Fisher’s name has maintained a trending status today due to an autopsy report of  the discovery of cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy in her system.

This isn’t really news. It’s just sad.

It’s not like this was a secret. It’s not like she tried to keep it a secret. The problem has been her fan’s dismissal of it.

What’s further revealed is more evidence of how too many in the culture sodomize themselves with their own heads.

It’s heart breaking to witness the sentiments of Carrie Fisher’s so called adoring fans.

They adored their image of her to her death. This is a tragic truth about our culture; people thinking that it makes them a better, enlightened, progressive class of people because they overlook or even embolden people in their weaknesses. They think this exercise of acceptance makes them morally superior.

There are people boasting about the drugs found in her system saying “She died like a rock star.”

These people will belligerently curse those who say “Get off the dope”, and say we’re mean and judgmental because we want these people to live and be free.

Yet these people don’t see the cruelty of their own world view as they cheer people on who indulge themselves to death.

These people think they are true fans and friends, and then they have the nerve to be sad when a person they pandered to dies, and you better not dare say anything about it!

You’ll be the bad guy for trying to warn people, not for being the one to cheer on a person’s self destruction.

People like us christians will be the bad guys because we try to invite folks to get the Word of God into them, but instead too many give a pass to people for getting drugs into them.

We Christians are just mean bully’s who just want to oppress people and chain them up to a corny cross.

But they’re ok with a person being chained up to the oppression of their addictions.

And you better not approach these people with the key of Christ who sets them free!

That’s a no-no to them! To them true freedom is letting a person destroy themselves as long as killing themselves is what makes that person “happy”. You better not dare come stand in the way of their pursuit of pleasure, no matter how self destructive, with that Christian crap!

You better just love that person straight to death and hell! Because that’s what “love” is to them.

So they can cheer, #LoveWins! Apparently their “love” won, because Carrie Fisher is dead.

Her consumption contributed to her death. She abused her mind and body. I’m Not saying it caused her death, I’m saying it over taxed her life.

She’s idolized despite the spikes she took to her veins for her own pleasure,

and Christ is rejected despite the spikes He took for our salvation.

I’ll be cursed for being “judgmental” because I’m trying to point people to freedom from the things that oppress and kill.

I’ll be cursed for having no respect for people like Carrie Fisher by people who think they have so much respect for her as they didn’t have enough love and respect to say, “Hey! Stop killing yourself!”

Respect to them means just accepting people’s delusions and their vices.

They’ll even say Jesus would have accepted them as they try to conveniently borrow Jesus to give validity to their so called moral superiority.

If Jesus was accepting of people’s weakness, sicknesses, disorders, etc. Why did He warn and heal them from these things? He healed people of these things because these things were NOT acceptable to Him!

These so called fans do not love Carrie Fisher. They are infatuated with a fantasy. They are infatuated with a fictional character she played,

Yet many of these people ridicule Christians in saying we worship a fictional being.

Jesus actually loves us and proved it when He died for us so we could inherit eternal paradisiacal life with Him.

Yet many of these people want to claim to know something about keeping it real, as they’re in love with a fairy tell, yet accusing us of it.

Carrie Fisher did not love her fans. She didn’t even love herself. She lived and died for what brought her unhealthy pleasure. She didn’t live and die for her fans.

Christians are accused of looking for an escape with our Jesus, mean while these celebrities that these people worship are trying to escape all the time!

And they seek their escape in what kills them, but that’s ok! Don’t be like those stupid Christians who seek refuge in the one who brings life!

You think you’re a good person because you’re all like “Whatever she does his her own damn business.” Well, her own damn business was eating her alive, and you think people like me are mean because we say hey, “knock that stuff off!”?

Let me borrow a few “bleeps” from R2-D2 and say,

F*****K You!!!

You people are the same types who would get all up in somebody’s business for having an obese dog, and tell them that they need to be a better “pet parent”, yet when it comes to somebody consuming self destruction it’s nobody else’s damn business! You people are cruel, and you are seriously deceiving yourself if you think you loved Carrie Fisher or any of these other celebrities you fawn over.

And by the way, it isn’t just about refuge, it’s about relying on our Lord for strength, and resolve. It’s not all about us. A follower of the Word doesn’t give into pride and boast in our own power. This is called humility – something people claim to value while talking about how fierce and self exalting they are. We give that glory and credit to God, for often times there is no escape, rather it’s counting on Him for the strength to get us through the rough.

I have too much respect for the God given talent Carrie Fisher was blessed with to mitigate her self abuse and pander to her memory. Maybe if “adoring” fans would have showed her some tough love and showed her some REAL support to help beat her demons she might still be here. And the proof is on record that the weapon that drives out demons is the belief in the name of Jesus Christ! But that of course is ridiculous religious talk, unlike making a religion out jedi lore. And Carrie was exposed to plenty of “the Light side of the force” as much as anybody, and that didn’t seem to help with her demons.

Not everybody receives the Word. And even some people who do receive the Word backslide. And some people even backslide right into the grave as they let go of the Word, but far more people get delivered and find the most powerful ally in Jesus Christ to help them with their demons.

Carrie Fisher was blessed with being able to play the role of one of the most iconic characters in pop culture yet that wasn’t enough for her.

You would think that would be like a high that no drug could touch!

It grieves me terribly to the point of insult that people can live a dream to be an internationally known entertainer, or athlete, or excel in any profession that they wanted to go into and it’s not enough for them!

It’s not enough of a high for them! And even despite how many people “love” them it’s not enough! They’re GREEDY!!!

People claim to hate greed, yet they worship these GREEDY people who can’t seem to get high enough and aren’t satisfied!

They exalt these people as being tough and brave yet these people hide from reality all the time!

And not only do these people hide from reality they hide from the very dream they had! They got to achieve their dream, and then they hide from the very dream many people would love to have!!!

Excuses are made for these people AND THERE IS NONE!!!

What? Did they have a rough life? MOST PEOPLE DO!!! Suck it up! Awww you’ve had some rough times! Well you’ve been blessed with far more good times by getting to live the dream! If you’ve had rough times after that then that’s a lot of rough times you brought on yourself!

You took all that money you had and bought yourself destruction and misery under the illusion of pleasure and escape.

I’m not speaking as some holier than thou person on a high horse who can’t relate. I’ve been an addict! And at the core of addiction is selfishness. Period.

I had to grow up and realize that I’m not the only person whose life sucked, and had to stop playing the victim who deserved to not have to deal with reality.

There are people who have known far greater hardship than Carrie Fisher, who didn’t try to escape with self destroying agents.

I don’t say these things to beat up on Carrie Fisher, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of people are going to take it that way. I say these things because I want tragedies like this to stop.

The culture is so poisoned with the spell of thinking they’re doing these people a favor. It’s like Darth Sidious has a dark veil over them that causes them to see things backwards.

I know there are people who were very close to Carrie Fisher. They’ll remember her as generous, witty, talented yet flawed just like anybody else.

And that’s totally understandable. It ain’t easy to flat out say, “Don’t let what she allowed to get into her life get into you.” It’s not easy to say, “Hey! I loved her just as much as you, but you need to take break from your fantasy of her, and stop making excuses for her, and realize that it’s not cool to inflate somebody’s head while their killing themselves.”

These people are empty because they know that the people who claim to love them really don’t. They’re infatuated with an image. These infatuations don’t nourish these celebrities. It’s just like trying to live off sugar. It will eventually shut ya down.

These celebrities know it. They feel empty because they’re getting empty packages labeled “love” addressed to people’s image of them.

They’re not getting the bitter albeit nutritious greens of real love that says, “Hey! Quit acting like you’re above everybody else and thinking that just because you’ve made it big you can act and do anything you want, including doing a bunch of drugs to escape your million dollar life! Since you celebrities claim to be so generous, how much of that money was left over to feed the poor after ya snorted a bunch of it?

We want ya to live dang it!!! Stop taking how you’ve been blessed for granted! It’s a bloody insult to the “little people” that you can have so much and then crap all over it! There’s no excuse for it! Don’t even pretend like you have any respect for your fans or anybody else when you would treat your life and blessings like this!”

Again! There’s no excuse for it!

Believe it or not some of these celebrities might actually feel loved, and not waste away.

And then you wouldn’t have to feel sad that they died the way they did.

This is not a condemnation of Carrie Fisher, this is disappointment in the culture that makes excuses for people that participate in their own destruction and exalt them.

Show your love, and point people to Jesus so can they can be liberated from themselves.

– AlfonZo Rachel


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