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Just Born This Way. Gay and Gangsta

Are these people trying to solidify the stereotype that being in a gang is just in the DNA of black people?

What’s the answer to violence? As far as these people are concerned it’s another gang.

In this case it’s a gay gang.

There’s things I don’t agree with. Two of them are homosexuality, and violence against people.

I may disagree with homosexuality, but I disagree with hating them or abusing them also.

It’s unfortunate that the insecure reaction of many homosexuals is to only register disagreeing with their lifestyle as hatred though.

For too many homosexuals you have to endorse their lifestyle. They accuse others of forcing their beliefs, but don’t realize it’s them forcing their beliefs and now they have the force of the state to make the people capitulate to their demands.

But they accuse people like me or republicans, Christians, and conservatives in general of being the ones who harm and terrorize them.
Meanwhile if you look in this documentary it’s proven that the ones who are violent against them are not people from our side at all.

It’s people who hate republicans and Trump as much as they do.

It’s people who were pro-obama, It’s people who are mostly black, who they’re being harassed by.

What’s even worse about this is that too many blacks like those at Afro-punk continue to embolden the democrat party to use the black community to promote all things LGBT.

They never stop with the race baiting and butt hurt over America, but insist on being pawns for the party that instituted it, while accepting the lie that they’ve changed.

If they’ve changed that means you have to admit they were the party of oppression to begin with, and if you acknowledge that they were the party of oppression to begin with why would you believe them when they say they’ve changed?

It’s so disappointing that blacks like those at Afro-punk embolden the left to not only use blacks to promote the LGBT Movement, but encourages the emasculation of black men. They encourage black men to forfeit their manhood, and then the black women have the nerve to wonder where the black men at?

But many in the black community have been convinced that this is what it is to be progressive and diverse, and all that other crap. This is what it is to be “woke” to them.

So congrats. Let’s celebrate another gang, while getting angry about stereotypes.

And rather than coming to grips with the fact that their lifestyle is wrong and contrary to nature, they’d rather go the more un-redeeming route and form a gang.



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