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The Destruction of American Culture, Values and Traditions by the Left

It is not a coincidence that the left has been introducing, what was once widely unacceptable, into the mainstream. Take for instance gender confusion.  This is the inability to decipher whether one is male or female in their own minds.  The left believes we should accept that when babies are born, they should not be given a gender.  But, that they should choose the gender they identify with the most, or that they feel they are, and that it makes it so.  Forget the biology involved.  They are trying to meld together the sexes as though they are one.

Facts are facts, there are only 2 genders, despite the call to refer to people as they, them, it, x, or any of the other labels that these gender “neutral” lefties want the terminology to be.  They actually want to will us into accepting this, and use these terms as if it is normal to turn a blind eye to what is simply biological.  They would like us to be cited for harassment, or possibly fined for not adhering to these pronouns.

Let’s now take what the left is also championing, pedophilia.  Attempting to normalize this behavior by claiming it cannot be helped, that it is inherently normal for fantasies regarding children.  The proponents of this believe it doesn’t hurt children, and that they like it.  It’s just another “sexual orientation”.

What about the normalization of incest, yes, this is another one the left is championing as well. The claim that “Genetic Sexual Attraction” (GSA) feelings are normal, and should not be judged as disturbing. This is yet another derelict act by the left of pushing tolerance instead of traditional morals that can lead to nothing but harmful behavior.

There are so many disturbing trends by the left, to normalize fringe, and sometimes criminal behavior.  You wonder why the push for the destruction of the values and traditions by Western Culture?  The left tolerates delinquent behavior that most of us view as repulsive.  It shows how accepting they are, and we on the right are intolerant and bigots.  Any time we stand our moral ground, the left attacks us as bigots, haters, right wing, and fascist.  Just look how intolerant conservative people are, this is the way they shut down any opposition to their plight.  Scare people into keeping their mouths shut and accepting what is viewed as reprehensible.

Wonder why the left seems sympathetic to those who want or follow Sharia Law?  Again, it falls in line with direct opposition to what Westerners enjoy about freedom.  Women’s rights, gay rights, are both in direct conflict with Sharia Law, yet liberals claim to be the champion of both?  Liberal Americans acceptance of the intolerance, doesn’t jive with their message.  Once again, being consistently inconsistent with their beliefs.  You cannot be a champion for gays and women, and accept Sharia Law.  A fact that has escaped the liberal mind.

The left has instituted an all out war on this country, our values, traditions, and our safety.  Make no mistake, you must stand and fight, silence is no longer an option.  The lefts calls of bigotry, racism, hate, fascism, are no longer working from their playbook, Rules for Radicals.  The labels they call us to try to get us to submit, can no longer be tolerated.  This fight is for our freedom, our traditions and values, and our history.



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