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AlfonZo Rachel For Public Office?

By AlfonZo Rachel:

I often get the words, “You should run for office, and I would totally support your campaign”, expressed to me by many who really dig what it is to be an American.
There could be many reasons why people tell me this.
They know that I wouldn’t go into office to lead, but to represent.
We’re our own leaders with the right to pursue happiness- thus it is our responsibility to lead our own pursuits.
My job would be to represent them in protecting the God given right to do so.

Maybe people consider me for office because there are Americans of European descent who are tired of being called a racist, and say loudly and proudly that they would vote for me.
They’re tired of being accused of being a racist for rejecting Obama’s policies, which in no way is a rejection of his skin color.
In an effort to dispel the accusation of racism, they proclaim that AlfonZo Rachel is someone they would vote for.
They’ve shown that they don’t judge by the color of skin but by the content of character, and dig where I’m comin’ from and the skin I’m in.
Maybe it’s just being caught in the moment of being frustrated, then finding themselves elated because they heard a word that affirms they’re not crazy.

They heard a word that reflects what they’ve been thinking, but they’ve not been able to shape the words and express them in the fashion of which I do. They find themselves so thrilled in that moment that they say, I’d vote for you!!!
I got to say, what a blessing it is to be considered a worthy person to be a representative, even if the consideration is just an expression of just being caught up in the moment.
Don’t get me wrong! I don’t at all dismiss the sentiments of those who would genuinely want me as a representative, and would contribute to my campaign, and what an honor it would be to serve in such a capacity.
Here’s the thing. To see me as a politician who has the power to go into office to change things is to see the government as the body that has the power to affect people’s lives.
Too many people in government think their job is to affect people’s lives as it is, and it turns into controlling people’s lives instead of protecting them.

Too many people in government do so because of a culture who expects the government to provide for them. People run for office knowing that if they make unconstitutional promises they have a good chance of being elected. (I know this isn’t the problem so much with conservatives, but you know what I’m gettin’ at.)
There’s enough people who don’t know that these promises are unconstitutional, and are too selfish to comprehend how much their vote is going to negatively affect people.

As long as we have a culture who thinks it is the government’s job to grant what only God can give instead of protect what only God can give, then a representative who stands against this is more often just going to be standing on way too shaky ground.

The policies will not hold up very long if you have a culture of entitlement.

The power is NOT in office. The power is in the culture.

The culture can however give the government too much power and end up being subjugated by the government they gave power to.

As I always tell these gimme- gimme people in the culture, “You can’t be dependent on someone without allowing them to control you.”

It’s the culture I’m reaching for. Not office.

Political victory is nothing. It’s the cultural victory we need.
The left wing has dominated in the culture war, and that negative effect manifests in office, the economy, our foreign relations, etc.

Right wingers behave antithetically to their own ideas of shrinking government by thinking that what it’s gonna take to fix things is another politician.
It seems that the only thing that excites them is someone standing on a soapbox giving them red meat. Conservatives! Don’t you know by now that too much red meat will make you constipated?
And that is indicative to what’s up with conservatives now. Too stopped up!

Don’t get me wrong! WE NEED people who are going to go into office and represent our values, but while you’re focusing on a representative who’s gonna uphold these values you’ve got your back turned to a growing, selfish, and self righteous so called progressive culture that is progressing like cancer.

The left wing doesn’t use politicians for this. They use entertainment; Music, movies, teleplays, cartoons, books, even the news media.

They use these mediums to influence the culture, then the culture chooses people with that mindset to represent them in office.

So, ya see? My place is not in office.
I’m in NEW media y’all!
I’m an entertainer!
We have a chance to affect the culture in new media, and we are owning it, (even if just with blogging!!!)
And you want one of your new media soldiers to leave the field and go into office???
How is that conservative common sense?

I’m so grateful to hear that people would contribute to my campaign for office, but if you have the money to do that, I would humbly suggest that you contribute to my efforts in the culture war instead.

People; both liberals and conservatives give their dollars to leftist entertainers all the time who use their wealth and fame to promote ideas that are in conflict with our foundings,
And they’ll keep supplying it, because people keep giving them money for it.

We conservatives who are trying to supply something to counter act the left don’t even get close to what the left wing is facilitated. (Despite the notion that republicans are just oozing with money.)

I often tell entitlement minded liberals that a free country doesn’t mean that everything is free.
Now I’m feeling like I have to tell conservatives that the free market doesn’t mean that products and services are free.

Like I said, conservatives seem to have money ready to give to politicians, and seem to have enough money to even help these left wing entertainers influencing the culture, but don’t have the money to help those who are trying to counter act the left wing influence.

I dig making music. That’s my God given joy. Hey, it just so happens that a lot of people really like listening to music, and many different kinds of music.

And left wingers tend to produce music with themes that glorify, debauchery, anti-patriotism, secularism, instant gratification, and often times a lot of whiney butt hurt, etc.

Don’t you think we should start encouraging and supporting people who can produce the same kinds of music many in the culture likes, and give ’em themes that glories the Most High, and digs on patriotism?

And we can do this without being corny. I think I have passed the test with this in my conservative commentaries.
I’m not trying to dis’ things like country music. There’s some country music I really dig, like King Size Maybe, and Dee Rock Country. But there’s gotta be more than country music to promote our “right” values.

Believe it or not a lot of these deep pocket producers don’t even like the music they produce, but they know that people will buy it, and they know it’s instrumental in promoting a certain mindset.
Think the same way. What’s being produced may not always be of interest to you, but be wise enough to know that many will take to it and receive the RIGHT message from it.
Now unlike a producer you most likely won’t get a return for your investment; however you are investing in the effort to keep the country from going of a cliff, which is a worthy investment in itself, right?
Y’all my video commentaries only reach so far, I need another medium to spread the seeds.

A lot of times younger folks don’t want a message preached to them.

Often times it needs to be ROCKED into ’em!

So, thank you for seeing my campaign for office as something you would contribute to,
but if you really want to support a greater effort, and you have the finances,
your contributions to my projects would be a super blessing.
Right now one of the projects I’m taking on is a music video that I’m developing for a song from 20 lb SLEDGE’s upcoming album.
We need a video to help promote it. We need funding to get it produced.
I do not want to be on a major record label because I do not want some producer trying to steer us in a secularist direction.
You may think to yourself, “What good is some silly rock video gonna do?”
Answer: Perhaps be the start of counter acting the influence of what those silly secularist rock videos have been having.
You know how libs say, “Even if we started drilling now we wouldn’t see the effects for another ten years?” You know how they said that more than ten years ago? You know that had we started drilling ten years ago we’d have that oil now, and our economy wouldn’t be doing so bad?
Don’t make the same mistake as liberals. Don’t see the making of one music video as insignificant. There’s a bigger picture. It’s a true picture. These are mediums liberals have used to greatly affect the culture. We can use them as a counter measure.
The more we make, the more we can get in the way of the leftist influence.
Yes, it’s rock. I know some Christians don’t think rock belongs in Christianity.
God used a drunkard, a prostituted, a murderer, an adulterer, etc. to bring His Word.
Playing rock music ain’t as bad as those things in my humble opinion, and if God can use those people He can use rockers, and rappers too. Get out of the box and get into the war!

The song we’re releasing to promote the album with a video shows people havin’ the best time, and the life of the party is God Himself!

We really could use your support, and as my buddy Al Sonja Shmidt says in effect, “If you don’t support the conservative new media effort in the culture war, the liberals win.
Here’s how ya can support! If you want to contribute more, please see the sending message. Thank you so much!!!

Our objective is to start shooting in October 2012, and we need to have $5000.00 raised by October 1st, 2012. We would like to have the video released by November 1st 2012.

Support for 20 lb SLEDGE

Contributions are not returnable. Contributor understands that it is not guaranteed that this goal will be met.


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