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I Dig Conservative Pastors, But Here’s What Get’s On My Nerves About Some of Them

My latest ZoNation Vid y’all, where I’ll be talkin’ about somethin’ that get’s on my nerves more than a dude who combs his nose hair down into his mustache. On a side note: With all the developments, I wonder if my fellow republicans can take this into consideration. There is no amount of criticism we can wage at Obama that’s going to help him. He sucks. But if we really are Christians, maybe we need to own up to it, and pray for the dude. Seriously. He needs Divine Intervention. He’s in need of wisdom no human can give ’em. He needs wisdom from the Most High. We need to realize that and pray for it. He may not pray for it himself. After all, he is a liberal democrat who believes that nobody builds anything themselves so I reckon he needs someone else to do it for him. But we’d be praying for a hand up from the Lord for Obama, not a hand out. -Zo

Thank you so much to y’all who have seen it worthy to support projects that I’m working on, but October is almost here and I’m still Not any where near close to the goal. I refuse to believe I can’t count on yous! There’s more to America than politics, y’all, There’s the culture.

Macho Sauce Productions isn’t a big fully funded behemoth of a budget backed Production company. It was meant to be blessed through you; to bring you entertainment that’s on your side, instead of the Hollywood produced entertainment that focuses a lot on attacking your values and beliefs.

This ain’t about asking you for money, I’m just tellin’ y’all that productions take money. And it won’t even take a lot of your money. I’ve got over 16,790 fans on here. a buck from each would be enough plus double to back this project. Is my work so doo-doo that it’s not worth a buck to take that message and implement it into different mediums to appeal to different demographics?

I’m Trying to help y’all connect your values to others who are often dismissive of them because they don’t relate to how it’s conveyed and where it’s conveyed from. Conservatives are in desperate need of a new delivery system. If you’ve read this much, I hope you’re one of those I can count on! If it’s just a buck, mail that sucker! If you wanna dig deep in your pockets for a bunch of bucks, bring the THUNDAH!!! Surely one of y’all has the green to be a big contributor. After all, we republicans are the ones with all the big money, right? At least that’s what the wealthy Hollywood types are always telling people.

If ya like the message in my vids and appreciate the work, then please read the article to the lower right of this page titled, “Help Zo Get the Word out there”.

I’m often blessed with people asking, “Zo, how can I help you get your message out there! More people need to hear you!” Again, please read the article at the lower right of the page, “Help Zo Get the Word out there”, to get understanding of what my efforts are and how you can be a blessing to Macho Sauce Productions!

Thank you!!!


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