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Brock Lawley: Checkers and Chess

By Brock Lawley

Clarity is Conservatism’s best friend
Conservatism …
For so many that word is as misunderstood as MIT arithmetic.
Conservatives hate the poor, love war and still find time to be bigots
and racists. This cleverly constructed Potemkin village in the minds
of millions is invaluable to the opposition. With less than 21% of
Americans identifying themselves as Liberal the-you-
might-not-like-us-but-they’re-evil-strategy is the Liberal version of
three-card monte.

Conservatism is a philosophy of governance that mirrors social,
economic, political and cultural realities. It’s a confidence in the
power and potential of the individual. It’s in love with the
Constitution and views a small but strong government as a necessary
evil; to protect us from each other not from ourselves.
Liberalism is a philosophy of governance that views society through
the prism of race, gender and class. It sees the constitution as a
huffing and puffing series of suggestions. It views government as a
tool meant to chisel away at the world as it is and fashion it as it
should be.

Conservatives prefer most decisions be left to local communities,
thinking the individual’s right to both fail and thrive propels us
towards common prosperity. The liberal longing for equal outcome
ignores the human the impulse to achieve distinctiveness.
It attempts to melt the natural independence of man into liberal molds
of fleeting enthusiasms.

Conservative ideology at its core asserts that the bigger government
grows the more the individual shrinks. For this reason the danger of
authoritarianism can only enter stage left. Conservatives believe the
traditional family is civilizations best way of contending with
enduring societal problems. Liberalism envisions a day when such
timeless problems will be socially engineered into extinction.
Liberals view the absence of perfect peace as a temporary
misunderstanding and downplay talk of evil as unsophisticated
thinking. Conservatives think evil is real and that peace is best
achieved and maintained through strength, economic prosperity and
moral steadiness.

Conservatives believe all assistance should strengthen not replace
the family and that charity is an individual moral responsibility; not
to be subcontracted out. Liberalism justifies the forceful
reallocation of rightfully earned possessions as a remedy for
theoretical social injustice. Liberals think government can eradicate
poverty, conservatives think it enables it. Liberals view economic
variation through the stage one lens of fairness. Conservatives think
dependency undermines the dignity of work and political
handouts fail at addressing the true needs of the disadvantaged as
complete human beings. In short, liberals play checkers.
Conservatives play chess.


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