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Cut the conversational fat!

From Brock Lawley

“We have all experienced this, a coworker or a dinner party guest pulling us through the never ending swamp of a story that drags its feet with useless and mind-numbing detail. This is a wooden nickels worth of free advice to the many oratory offenders that might be reading this.
When you are telling a story get to the point and make it interesting. No one really cares if it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday. No one listening to your personal happenings is interested in knowing that “it was 1983, no 1982, oh no I was right the first time 1983.” Cut the conversational fat! During a dinner party most people want to laugh or be entertained. If you interrupt the interplay of banter you should be quick, relevant and to the point. We have all witnessed enjoyable back and forth interrupted by the drudgery of an anecdote heavy on particulars and light on laughs.
I am an advocate of being polite while dealing with these fact felons. However, the perpatrators of this converstional crime should know that the conversation is forced to throw the E break to accommodate your boring babblings.
When I was a boy my parents would often sit at the table with friends talking about things that I desperately wanted to understand. They would use analogy and sarcasm and I would spend most of my intellectual capital simply trying to keep up. I remember wishing I could chime in and become a vocal part of the fun. Nevertheless, even as a child I knew I was in over my head. I knew my pitchless mouth music would likely be met with annoyance.
All these years later I stand amazed that so many adults have failed to learn that simple and arguably universal chatty truth.”


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