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BROCK LAWLEY: Leftists love to USE JESUS (emphasis USE)

Leftists have an endless appetite for selected Bible passages they think trumpet their secular economic disaster. I have always found their lack of self-awareness mind bending; to say nothing of their Biblical ignorance. Intermixing church and state is only smiled upon when they think their twisted understanding of Scripture can be used to manipulate the mind for progressive causes. Leftists (who openly hate God and his work) suggest it is “un-Christian” to deny them the right to plunder the State’s treasury. If you frown on using other people’s money to chase Utopian economic failures, all of a sudden they become Moses freeing Israel from Egyptian slavery. Their attempt to borrow the moral capital from a God-fearing ideology that they themselves openly HATE is laughable in its irony. It’s also insulting to the intelligence of someone with a room temperature IQ.

It is painful to watch as they give Christ plastic surgery in their own Radical Statist image.
They’ll use passages like Matthew 25, not to remind the individual to meet the needs around him with his own time, effort, money but intend to justify Leftist ideological theft. They’ll redistribute money to “the least of these”( cough … cough … wink … wink…) grow GOVERNMENT unless it is their own money. Countless studies show you’re more likely to get blood from a turnip then charitable giving from the wallet of a LEFTIST.

After all, such money is to come from EVIL conservatives. It is the Leftist’s job to squander it away on Government Bureaucracy. When they read scripture like Matthew 25:40 and Matthew 25:14-30 in the comment section of some far left blog, they never even consider that conservatives only disagree that the GOVERNMENT is the remedy. They don’t acknowledge our shared poverty concerns. NO … in their Marxists mind there exists only two options: agree to give money to the Government … or … you hate the poor. And these are the people who consistently call themselves nuanced thinkers.
The person of Jesus Christ was Kingdom seeking. He maneuvered the gauntlet of the politics in his time refining and reprimanding people from every walk of life. He demanded provision for “the least of these” just after declaring, “For whoever has will be given more.”
Leftists don’t care about actually knowing the person of Christ. They care about using him.
To the larger audience I encourage you to call out their hypocrisy and disrespect.
Here is what I know.
Christ called me to meet the needs of those around me. He did so to cultivate my character and share in His wonderful Gospel of grace.

Charity is in the DOING not in the Leftist lecturing!


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