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No I Have Not Forgotten About Stacy Dash!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know pretty much everybody is focused on the debates. And I’ve had to put other things on the back burner to keep with the buzz.
But the water on the back burner is evaporating and I need to bring it to thefront and refresh it.

So I gotta take a break from debate talk and address other stuff that’s over due. In this case, Stacy Dash and my visit on Don’t Sleep!

During the course of show, Marc Lamont Hill accuses conservatives like me of being a republican because the line is shorter to the spot light.
I didn’t address this in my commentary because it would have gotten too long.

But I’d like to point out that this is a prime example of liberal narcissism.
Liberals tend to be so full of themselves that if you disagree with them, you must have a shady motive for doing so.
You can’t genuinely believe what you believe. It must be fake.
No real person could actually disagree with a liberal.
Liberals can’t handle losing. They’re so great in their view, that they can’t lose.
If they do it’s because the other guy cheated.
This is the ego and conceit of liberals.

So to Marc Lamont I’m some fake who claims to be a republican just because I want to be on T.V.
Maybe I’m hallucinating, but there seems to be a lot more blacks on T.V. that vote democrat than republican, and shorter line to the spotlight or not, it looks quite evident that the sure way to get into the entertainment industry is to wear the liberal hat.

And that’s not just what it looks like. That’s how it is.

Marc Lamont thinks that I’m not genuine and thinks that I pull my ideas out of my a**,
but Marc Lamont would fail an emissions test with all the smoke that comes out his tail pipe.

Marc Lamont thinks I just want be on T.V. Yet has no evidence to back that up.

The 1st time I met Marc Lamont was on Red Eye. That was two years ago.
If I was so itchy to jump in this short line to T.V. time, you’d think I would have been on Red Eye a hundred times in the last two years, but I’ve only gone on the show a total of one time.

(Marc Lamont goes on there a lot though.)

Even when the producers of BET invited me on the show, my response was, “I’m kinda busy.”
(But I am grateful for them inviting me!)

I’ve been encouraged by Greg to come on Red Eye whenever I want. My job will fly me out there whenever I wanna go.
If I wanted to be on T.V. So flippin’ bad, I would be lookin’ to flash my mug on FOX News all the time as I have a welcome card to do so.

So Marc Lamont doesn’t know what the corn he’s talking about, and fo’ sho’ doesn’t know me, and the one who sounds crazy and full of himself to boot, is him.

Marc Lamont seems to like to get a lot of attention for patronizing blacks, making them out to be victims, and making excuses by giving the white man all this boogie man power, while being a tooter for the democrat party

But I’m the crazy one who just wants attention because I ain’t afraid of the white boogie man and don’t use him as an excuse, therefore giving him arbitrary power over me, and because I oppose the democrat party?

The party that wanted to force institutionalized slavery when republicans wanted slavery abolished.

The democrats that founded the KKK, imposed, Jim Crow, Dred Scott, revoked 40 Acres and a mule, implemented eugenics, anti-miscegenation, opposed civil rights, and voter rights, etc. when republicans were fighting them on these things?

So hell no. I don’t vote democrat. But I’m the crazy one, while the majority of the black community is loyal to democrats, and hates republicans. Wow.

And don’t even start with the party switchy thing. It’s bogas.

Don’t try to say that those racist southern states are republican red now, because you just shot down your own notion.

I say again. Yes, those states were hot with racism when they were controlled by democrats. Segregation, harassment, assaults, cross burnings, lynchings, and just flat out morbid bigotry.

But now that those states are republican red, you don’t really here about those things any more, do you?
That should speak volumes to liberals, but it goes right over their heads.

They’re the ones still stuck in the past while calling themselves progressives.
The states have moved on to be republican leaning and are far less racist. If there was a switch, that was it.
It wasn’t racist democrats becoming racist republicans.
If you’re reading this and want to go more in depth with this subject please down load a copy of my audio book WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION!
So no Marc and those who think like you. People like me don’t disagree with people like you because we want fame. We just genuinely disagree with people who think like you, and are interested in the protection of our God given rights. – Zo

Here’s my ZoNation commentary on it!


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