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““There’s more than one hot shot to come out of MA than just Scott
Brown. Chris Sheldon has promised to reverse Obama’s damaging agenda
and get America back on track. If Mitt Romney and Scott Brown are
necessary elements to remove the socialist shackles from America’s
hardworking hands, so too would be a Republican Congressman,
specifically Chris Sheldon, in Massachusetts’ Ninth District. I’m
proud to stand behind him and ask all my friends across the nation to
do the same.”-Kevin Jackson, Tea Party Icon, Fox News Contributor and
creator of

That’s right. There’s another conservative that could very well rise
from, of all places, Massachusetts! Word on the street is, MA
legislature screwed up when redistricting and accidentally grouped
conservatives together! The NRCC noted this back in May. Now, you may
not have yet to hear about this guy, Chris Sheldon. This is because he
has been largely overshadowed by Downtown Scotty Brown. The folks who
live in this newly-formed Congressional District, though are very
excited. For the first time in their lives, they have a true
opportunity to see a return on investment for holding true to their
love of American Flags and the Constitution. Apparently, the
incumbent, Democrat and lifelong politician, Bill Keating, only won by
3% last time…and that was in the OLD DISTRICT! And, now, he finds
himself in the midst of an investigation! Allegedly, the man was DA
when some drug lab chick was…ummm..involved in some impropriety
involving unethical relationships, mishandling of evidence and
ultimately, innocent people went to jail, while the guilty went free.
All under this Keating’s watch. Massachusetts taxpayers now have to
face a tsunami of appeals that will cost millions.

We’ve been saying all along, y’all. You want change, you gotta fix
what’s broke. Seems to me, lifers chasing a pension and ignoring
injustice are part of what’s wrong with this world. Let’s give this
guy Sheldon a fair look. He needs our help!


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As well as the endorsement from Conservative Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan


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