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A 4th of July Pep Talk From Bill Whittle With AFTERBURNER

“Bill Whittle gives you a history of the Fourth of July. Hear about the brave men who fought to protect our freedoms and preserve the union, and the historical challenges America faced on each Independence Day.”

Remember y’all! We’re still one nation under God! We’re Created in the Lord’s image, and like the stripes our Lord took for us, our flag reflects the blood of the One who endured in stripes!
As long as we keep to the Good lord, this nation will remain until He comes to reclaim the faithful! It is beyond WWI, WWII, Al Queda, and even Obama to take down America. America will not hold by our might, but by God’s. So don’t get all sad and defeatist. We still get to celebrate Independence Day, so all ain’t lost. Even though the liberals are pushing for more dependence.
Shoot some fire works, flip some burgers, and of course watch this edition of Bill Whittle’s AFTERBURNER, and thank God for blessing us with freedom. Trust me. The more we thank Him for it, the more free we’ll be. – Zo


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