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How Serious Are You About Gettin’ Up From The Butt Hurt?

People wonder how I manage to stay so jolly! 1st up, I don’t do butt hurt. Been there, done that. The Lord’s good gravy of goodness still makes life tasty! MACHO SAUCE, baby!!! Plus that I pound out my angst with 20 lb SLEDGE!!! You got angst? Well, get your bitter booty down to the Whiskey for our show! We’ll rock that frown upside down!

I don’t wanna hear about how miserable ya are. We lost the election because we’ve  lost so much of the culture, and if you’re not down to support those who are out there tryin’ to represent and wax conservative in the culture, then you can look forward to icing your buttocks again in 2016.

I’m not trying to guilt trip y’all in to supporting my band 20 lb SLEDGE.

TRUST ME! Playing in front of a guilt ridden crowd makes for a soggy shoe of a show.

If you don’t want none, don’t come.

But might I add, If I didn’t think my band 20 lb SLEDGE was any good, I wouldn’t bother tellin’ ya about us.

What I am telling y’all is that if you don’t start engaging in the effort, or support those who are, then you’re really gonna have a butt full of hurt with how far America will have fallen come 2016.

Come to the show, y’all. Help add to the demand for entertainment that has your values in mind. (Values that are seen as corny, boring, hokey, old fashioned, etc.) Which of course makes it very hard to make said values interesting to the growing secular culture.

My band 20 lb SLEDGE is void of those traits.

Not to toot my own horn, but dang.

I’m not even trying to say that my band is the best band in the world, but double Dang.

We sure as booger ain’t the worst. We’re good for your support if you want to get your salvo on in this culture war.

I’ve been saying to republicans and the Tea Party over and over again. It’s not a political impact you should put all your efforts towards. It’s the culture impact that counts.

You have to connect with the left leaning culture. Give them something that they can relate to so they can open up and be more receptive. Not all will, but it’s worth it to try for some. (I’m not talking about reaching across the isle to compromise your principles. I’m saying show them something they can dig, so their perception of you is rocked. Chances are they’ll open up to conservative ideas. (I’ve done it myself.)

Music is a GREAT tool. Liberals have been using it to influence the culture for years. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to support those who are creating similar music that so many in the culture are attracted to, but instead put a different message on it?

So y’all, come support the show! Again, not out of guilt. I don’t want people just tolerating being there. But if you’re just up to havin’ a good time supporting a local band of friends in the cause, throwin’ down for the Most High  and with our shared values in mind. Then come!

Seriously, y’all gotta learn this. Do your part to engage in this cultural effort. How much more convincing does it take to show y’all that losing the Culture war = losing what’s Right about America, and ending up with what’s left?

Of course I want y’all to come to the show to see my band, but this is much more than that. It’s about the cultural effect in all of our favor.

Hopefully if you don’t show up it’s because ya really can’t, not because you won’t.

In any case. If you’re not going to the show or can’t (cause of something like living in a different state) Then support by going here and clicking LIKE!

Do things like Posting this on your page, “Hey! If you live in or near L.A. and like bands like P.O.D., SevenDust, or Helmet, or just really like heavy rock music, then go check out 20 lb SLEDGE! here’s a link with the show info!

Do things like, Follow us on twitter!

I’m sorry if you think this is a shameless plug, but what I think is shameful is that we’re losing the culture, Obama gets to be president for another four years, the leftist agenda keeps growing, and the best conservatives can think of to do is to think about who would be good to run for office.

Man, it sure would be nice if republicans would support the people making grass roots efforts to promote our shared core values, as much as they support politicians who make up the government republicans says there’s too much of.
Hmmmmmm. And yes, it would be great if conservatives produced better stuff to support. Let’s both do our part!

And I’m proud to let y’all know that I’ve connected with a friend in the cause to get a production rolling. I hope other creative conservatives will connect more and crank out productions!

Any way, we’ve got a new video coming up soon! Share the SNOT out of it when it comes out!!!
Help it go viral!!!

All it takes is a few clicks of your time. Use it to make more waves in the culture!
Christian HartSock is the director/producer of the video that 20 lb SLEDGE will be releasing. He’s the guy who captured this with Andrew BreitBart: It’s the video of so called tolerant non-racist liberals talking about the KKK minded things they’d like to do to Clarence Thomas and his wife. OH AND REMEMBER TO CLICK HERE AND AFFIRM YOU’RE COMING TO THE SHOW!!!


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