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Baby, Don’t Go! I Can Change!!!

Ann-Marie Murrell ain’t trying to hear that mess. She’s in survivor mode like Gloria Gaynor, and telling the MSM to get gone.

She doesn’t want to hear any thing about how the MSM can change. They’re not, and if they did it will most likely be a change for the worse.

The MSM is Like a lot of shallow men and women who don’t know a really good thing when they have it, and won’t know what they’ve got til’ it’s gone.

The MSM Doesn’t know that they’re taking the steps to ensure that we lose America, because America isn’t good enough for them, and they think they can do better.

Ann-Marie says, you go ahead and hope over that fence and roll around in that socialist grass that you think is so green. But we’re not going to let you just stay and pee in our yard in the mean time. Watch Ann-Marie’s Video as she breaks up with the MSM. You just might catch yourself saying, GON’ GURL! Drop that zero and get yourself a hero!!! – Zo


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