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Allen West Accused Of Being A Bought Mother F*!cker.

Well, as usual, liberals talk about tolerance and civil debate while doing the exact opposite, and like this guy, when called out on it, tries to shrug off labels to through off the the scent.

Then he tries to twist the history of intolerance in this country on to conservatives, and say that it was liberals who freed the slaves. RAWNG!!!

Remember y’all liberalism is enjoying your needs and wants at the forced expense of someone else.

Taking liberal interpretation of the constitution is how we end up with people deciding that blacks are not human, or the child in the womb is not human, and women are second class citizens.

That’s taking serious liberties with interpretation.

The only thing that made democrats conservative is that they were trying to conserve the white race, and they did this with very liberal interpretations with the constitution to justify their actions. Such as imposing, Slavery, Jim Crow, Dredd Scott, Eugenics, and Anti-Miscegenation.

But the true meaning of conservative that is at the root of the republican party platform established by 1860 was the conservation of freedom for all. Period.

And as far as gay rights go. What consenting adults do in their privacy is their business, but it’s most of them them who are trying to force their business on to us.

As far as Allen West being bought.

We’re all bought.

You go to work.


Because you wanna get paid.

Someone buys your time and service. OH MY GOD! YOU’VE BEEN BOUGHT!!!

So just because Allen West doesn’t represent thebelligerent, ignorant Bible hating, conservative hating liberals, Allen West is Bought?

Oh and by the way, despite how this guy postures himself as a gay rights activist, he’s also a gay hating typical hypocritical liberal.

Liberals. Let’s get something staraight. We don’t disagree with you just for the money. Nobody had to  pay us. WE ALREADY DISAGREE WITH YOU, AND ARE THANKFUL TO GOD WE DON’T THINK LIKE YOU, AND DIDN’T BEFORE WE EVER GOT PAID FOR IT!

Where as I see you liberals every day here in L.A. clamoring over each other, looking to get somebody to front the money to produce your next anti-american, anti-republican, anti-military, anti-corporation, anti-Christian so called work of art.

You people represent everything you hate. You’re so oblivious to the fact that you’re the true self loathers.

And you don’t even know that you hate yourselves far more than we could ever bother to,

if at all.

Feel sorry for you, mostly.  -Zo

(Spotted story on MRCTV.ORG, by Kathleen Burch)


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